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Janie Jamieson Jewel’s cause

By Tom Keefer SIX NATIONS – Janie Jamieson is well known on the Territory of the Six Nations of the Grand River. She was one of the three women that initiated the reclamation of...


Open Letter on the murder of Jon Styres

SIX NATIONS – The following open letter was sent by Six Nations resident Janie Jamieson to the Attorney General of Ontario and to various local Six Nations politicians. The letter concerns the gunning down of...


Ka’nikonriyo Podcast 13 – Janie Jamieson speaks about the life of her daughter Jewel Monture

By Tom Keefer and Kelly MacNaughton Jewel Monture or Gahwediyo was born on December 11th, 1997 to Janie Jamieson of the Mohawk Turtle Clan, in the SIx Nations of the Grand River Territory. Jewel...