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Sakej Ward on the Warrior Arts

The relentless pursuit of the Warrior Arts can be healing, it can build and develop you, it can refine you… if you know the proper ceremony.


A packing list for Indigenous resistance camps

By Sakej Ward I have just had a request to put up a packing list for activists going to Indigenous resistance camps. I have a general purpose Load out List. Its a lot of items...


Rotiskenrakehetes Intensive Training Camp – July 31 to Aug 6, 2017

    A Rotiskenrakehete intensive training camp will be held from July 31 to August 6th 2017 within Kanonsonnonionwe Territory. The exact location will be announced to selected participants at a future date. To...


Warrior Societies and Land Defence

by SAKEJ WARD (MI’KMAW) | Originally published at The Dominion on August 13, 2016. My name is Sakej. I am Mi’kmaw and a Sma’knis, a traditional Indigenous warrior of the Mi’kmaq Nation. I want to...


Sakej Ward remembers Wolverine

By Sakej Ward SECWEPEMC TERRITORY – We just returned from Wolverine’s funeral. The Secwepemc communities and families did an amazing job with the funeral ceremonies. They took such good care of the guests, feasting them,...


Defining Warrior Societies

In this video presentation Sakej Ward defines a Warrior’s responsibility. He indicates that these responsibilities include being to look after his people and the land and preparing for the next seven generations. Sakej states...