Sakej Ward on the Warrior Arts

Sakej Ward has been a solider in two militaries and has been a member of a number of different Indigenous warrior societies.

The relentless pursuit of the Warrior Arts can be healing, it can build and develop you, it can refine you… if you know the proper ceremony.

By Sakej Ward

Warriorhood is the constant practice of the Warrior Arts. We seek perfection in those skill sets but we know that there is no such thing as perfection in humanity. We also know the pursuit will develop your character and spirit and get you as close to “perfect” as you can become.

Long Range/precision shooting is one such skill set that places enormous demands on the shooter to have self-control and establish mind, body, and spirit alignment.

It requires endless practice, patience, persistence, perseverance, precision of movement, clarity of thought, intense focus of mind, and then the emptying of the mind.

The ability to achieve high levels of self-control is crucial to alignment of the mind, body and spirit. The shooter is synchronizing so many complex thoughts and motions all at the same time.

The mind: Determine corrections made for your selected ammo, determine range, calculate ballistic drops, make temperature adjustments, humidity adjustments, elevation adjustments, slope adjustments, determine wind velocity and direction, calculate wind correction, and dial it all in to within 1/4” accuracy.

The body: Assume a good prone firing position, achieve skeletal alignment, feet are down flat, rifle pulled in to shoulder pocket, elbows are anchored, hand is in Master Grip, acquire a good cheek to stock weld, check bipod for angle and cant then “load” the bipod, attain a good natural point of aim, place head where you have proper eye relief, eliminate scope shadowing, establish good trigger finger placement, apply even controlled trigger finger pressure to take up trigger slack, regulate your breathing, slow your heart rate, and set up perfect sight picture.

The spirit: Whisper a quick prayer, call the ancestors to witness, acknowledge where your purpose, drive and skill come from.

Perform knowing the ancestors are watching, evaluating, correcting with their voice on the wind, their intentions in your heart, their memory in your blood.

Establish “spirit set”. Place your spirit in a space as if you are about to take life. Perform with the knowledge that the life you take may be sacred. It may willingly be sacrificing itself for you and your family. Prepare your spirit to take it in a good way, clean, fast, without pain or suffering. Give thanks and show reverence.

Align mind, body, spirit… and take the shot.

When the shot breaks, the Indigenous shooter knows it is a good hit without even seeing the impact on target for true Accuracy lies within.

For more information about Sakej Ward and the courses and trainings he provides, visit his Facebook Page.

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