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Don’t blame the messengers

Burning tires, dug up roads, burnt or appropriated construction equipment are all complaints that are being raised on social media in response to events in Six Nations. The cost of raising of the emergency alarm by Onkwehon:we is a small price to pay compared to the bill of centuries of genocide.


Kanyen’kehaka Resistance Exposes Genocidal Colonial Agenda To The World

From The Credible Mohawk Just returned from #1492landbacklane and after a full look over of Six Nations and #landback potential, well Canada, you’re fucked. The war you have been waging is coming to a head, the lies and...


Winter is coming at Kanonhstaton

After a fierce windstorm blew down their tents, land defenders at Kanonhstaton are beginning to build winter shelters as they dig in for the long term.

How you can support the Six Nations people at Kanonhstaton 0

How you can support the Six Nations people at Kanonhstaton

  A group of Toronto based activists who have worked together in support of Six Nations since the 2006 reclamation have recently been organizing to reactivate union and community support for the Onkwehon:we people who...


Our Haudenosaunee Declaration

OUR HAUDENOSAUNEE DECLARATION – statement of the Haudenosaunee people currently blockading Highway 6 in Caledonia August 10, 2017 In May 2006, the Province of Ontario stated in writing, that the title of Burtch Lands would...