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Kanenhariyo interviews Dr. Chris Keefer on Covid 19 in Indigenous communities

Kanenhariyo interviews emergency doctor Chris Keefer on Covid 19 in Indigenous communities. Topics discussed include the severity of the pandemic, strategies for minimizing risk in Indigenous communities, and a discussion of how elders and...


Inside the May 8th 2019 Wahta Mohawk occupation: Interview with Dave Stock

On the morning of Wednesday, May 8th, 2019, Mohawks in Wahta Territory in the Muskoka region of Ontario occupied the Cultural Centre in opposition to what they consider the corruption of the Elected Band Council. Shortly after their action, heavily armed OPP tactical units surrounded the building, and have blocked the entry of supporters.


Onkwehon:we say no to Niagara Reinforcement Line

SIX NATIONS – Rhonda Martin and Colleen Davis provide an update on what happened and why the people are standing up to demand that SNEC consult with their Chiefs and Clan mothers. On April...


Abduction of Onkwehon:we Children on Six Nations continues in 2018

Real People’s Media brings you shocking video footage of the continuing efforts of the Six Nations Police, OPP, and O Gwadei:deo (Children’s Aid) to take Onkwehon:we children away from Onkwehon:we families on the Grand...

Kanenhariyo on traditional medicine and cannabis 0

Kanenhariyo on traditional medicine and cannabis

In this interview Kanenhariyo speaks about his understandings of Onkwehon:we medicine, especially as it concerns the cannabis plant. YouTube Version   Vimeo Version  


Jeff Hawk discusses Six Nations cannabis meeting

Jeff Hawk, of Green Health for Six Nations dispensary speaks about a previous meeting held with Band Council health agencies in which they expressed interest in healing with cannabis and working with indigenous dispensaries....


Winter is coming at Kanonhstaton

After a fierce windstorm blew down their tents, land defenders at Kanonhstaton are beginning to build winter shelters as they dig in for the long term.


Season 3 of the WGO Podcast

SIX NATIONS – The What’s Goin’ On Podcast, also known as the WGO Podcast is one of the primary podcasts of Real People’s Media. Our first two seasons were focused on following Kanenhariyo, a...


After #OccupyINAC what’s next?

In the wake of the #OccupyINAC movement, and with rumblings coming from sources within the Trudeau government saying that they are planning to repeal the Indian Act, the question of “what’s next?” is being...