Abduction of Onkwehon:we Children on Six Nations continues in 2018

Real People’s Media brings you shocking video footage of the continuing efforts of the Six Nations Police, OPP, and O Gwadei:deo (Children’s Aid) to take Onkwehon:we children away from Onkwehon:we families on the Grand River Territory.

In the videos below, Rhonda Martin, host of the Podcast “Got Something to Say?” visits her sister Tracy Staats to hear the story of how five of her grandchildren –  including a new born baby – were ripped from her arms after police broke into her house.

The first video is the full 39 minute video that also includes Tracy’s video footage of her encounter with police.


The second video is edited for length and does not show the police raid.

The final video is of Tracy showing the video she took at the time of the police entry into her home.

Real People’s Media will keep you informed as this story develops. There is a court hearing in Brantford at 2pm on June 20th that will discuss this matter further.

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