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Great Law Discussion at Ononda’geh

Videos recorded by Wandeyu Estrada-Goeman on April 1st, 2017. Paul Delaronde talks about the recent history about reasserting Haudenosaunee Freedom.   Francis Boots discusses the importance of continuing to have Great Law recitals, and says recent one have only told the Peacemaker's journey, but have not "duties and responsibilities" or…
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WGO 3 – The Onkwehon:we relationship to tobacco with Tekarontake

Kanenhariyo, Tom Keefer and special guest Tekarontake of Kahnawake gather together in the basement to discuss the history of the Onkwehon:we relationship to tobacco. Tekarontake talks about ancient trading practices, the significance of tobacco to the Onkwehon:we, and of his own experience within the industry.
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