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Webinar: How to resist economic genocide?

Join an interactive webinar with speakers including: Ken Hughes Sr. Spokesperson for Mississaugas of the Credit Medicine Wheel, Tyendinaga Mohawk War Chief Kanenhariyo, and Hereditary Crane Clan Chief Delbert Riley on Monday, April 4th at 7pm.


“Sovereign People on Sovereign Land”: Interview with Mississaugas of the Credit Medicine Wheel

On Friday, October 1st, Mississaugas of the Credit Medicine Wheel will be having its official grand opening from 4pm-7pm. The event will be a festive affair, with drumming, dancers, a moment of prayer, and a feast. On the menu is venison, corn soup, and fry bread. There will also be promotions and give-aways. Covid-19 protocols will be in effect.


Six Nations Small Business Support

A new vendors market specializing in Indigenous crafts has opened up at Hwy 54 at Chiefswood Rd. SIX NATIONS – Are you looking for ways to do away with the quarantine blues? Do you...


Public Meeting on Cannabis to be held in Six Nations

On Saturday, October 21st, from 2-5pm at 2593 Chiefswood Rd, (the old Bingo Hall) in Six Nations, Onkwehon:we (original) people involved with the cannabis industry will offer their thoughts on cannabis. With the Federal...


Elected Band Council discusses cannabis in Tyendinaga

  By Tom Keefer TYENDINAGA – It is no secret that the cannabis industry is booming in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. There are now eight different medical dispensaries on the territory, and it seems like...


Operation MYGALE and the criminalization of the Indigenous tobacco industry

When trade is treated as a crime against the state: A backgrounder on the largest raids on the Indigenous tobacco industry in history. (First published by Ricochet Media.) By Tom Keefer The largest police crackdown...


Operation “MYGALE” and “contraband” tobacco

The following is an edited transcription of an interview with Kanenhariyo from Thursday March 31st. Kanenhariyo himself has been criminally targeted for participating in the Onkwehon:we tobacco industry. Here he gives an alternate take on...


Ka’nikonriyo Podcast 8 – Operation MYGALE and the Six Nations tobacco industry

Kelly MacNaughton, a Mohawk business woman from Six Nations speaks about the implications of Operation MYGALE, and what she thinks will be next for the Tobacco Industry at Six Nations.


Ka’nikonriyo Podcast 7 – The Indigenous Tobacco Industry and the crisis in Attawapiskat

Kelly MacNaughton, a Mohawk business woman from Six Nations who has long been involved in the Indigenous tobacco industry speaks talks about the implications of Operation MYGALE and the relationship is between the crackdown...


Native-made cigarettes are bringing wealth and disapproval to reserves

Tom Blackwell, National Post Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010 Tucked away at the end of a narrow driveway, the factory is easy to miss, an anonymous blue metal box ringed by a towering green fence....