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Webinar: How to resist economic genocide?

Join an interactive webinar with speakers including: Ken Hughes Sr. Spokesperson for Mississaugas of the Credit Medicine Wheel, Tyendinaga Mohawk War Chief Kanenhariyo, and Hereditary Crane Clan Chief Delbert Riley on Monday, April 4th at 7pm.


“Sovereign People on Sovereign Land”: Interview with Mississaugas of the Credit Medicine Wheel

On Friday, October 1st, Mississaugas of the Credit Medicine Wheel will be having its official grand opening from 4pm-7pm. The event will be a festive affair, with drumming, dancers, a moment of prayer, and a feast. On the menu is venison, corn soup, and fry bread. There will also be promotions and give-aways. Covid-19 protocols will be in effect.

Coverage of Queen’s Park Pow Wow in Toronto 0

Coverage of Queen’s Park Pow Wow in Toronto

On September 21st 2017, a historic pow wow was held at Queen’s Park in Toronto, Ontario. Pow wow organizers were calling on the government to make June 21st a recognized provincial holiday. Gary Wassaykeesic...


New petition calls on the federal government to honour the treaties with Indigenous peoples

SCARBOROUGH – As Canada nears its 150th birthday, not every community in the country has equal cause to celebrate. For that reason, a United Church congregation in Scarborough has launched a petition calling on the...


The British Crown, Canada 150, and the Onkwehon:we a Kanien’kehá: ka perspective

Real People’s Media is proud to announce that Kanien’kehá:ka elders Ateronhiata:kon (Francis Boots) and Kanasaraken (Loran Thompson) will be speaking at two public events over the Victoria Day long weekend. The first event is...


How Did a Spanish Axe Wind Up in Toronto 100 Years Before Europeans?

Wilhelm Murg | Indian Country Media Network | July 10, 2012 Curse of The Axe is a documentary about the archeological discovery of Mantle, the largest Huron First Nations village discovered to date. The site, located in present-day...

Dispensing Freedom – Gary Wassakeesic in the former Cannabis Culture Toronto dispensary and lounge 0

Dispensing Freedom – Gary Wassakeesic in the former Cannabis Culture Toronto dispensary and lounge

Toronto – Gary Wassaykeesic sits in the lobby of The Village Dispensary, formerly Cannabis Culture. The shop, a cannabis dispensary was forced to change its name after Toronto police arrested Marc and Jodie Emery...


The Black Radical Tradition in Canada

By Norman Richmond | The Afro American Progressive Association (AAPA) was one of the first Black Power organizations in Canada. It was organized by Jose Garcia, Norman (Otis) Richmond and D. T. in...


Videos from Water is Life – Toronto in Solidarity with Standing Rock

TORONTO  – On January 28th, 2017, a rally was held in Toronto in support of the water protectors in Standing Rock. The following are some scenes from the action. All videos were produced by...


Elder Vern Harper: the sharing circle

This is the second interview that Gary Wassaykeesic organized with Elder Vern Harper in Toronto. Elder Vern allowed the filming of the sharing circle to get across some important perspectives about how Indigenous people...