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Elder Vern Harper: the sharing circle

This is the second interview that Gary Wassaykeesic organized with Elder Vern Harper in Toronto. Elder Vern allowed the filming of the sharing circle to get across some important perspectives about how Indigenous people...


Gary Wasaykeesic speaks about furniture drive to Northern Indigenous communities

Gary Wassaykeesic of Real People’s Media speaks about the upcoming furniture drive that he is organizing. The truck is leaving from Toronto, and driving north to Thunder Bay, Savant Lake, and Mishkeegogamang. If you...

Gary Wassaykeesic – Jan 17, 2017 Update on ‘Telling our Stories’ 0

Gary Wassaykeesic – Jan 17, 2017 Update on ‘Telling our Stories’

Gary Wassaykeesic gives an update as to where his project of interviewing indigenous survivors of Canadian colonialism is at.


Telling Our Stories: Elder Vern Harper speaks with Gary Wassaykeesic

Elder Vern Harper is a respected Indigenous elder who lives in Toronto. He was interviewed by Gary Wassaykeesic and Zach Ruiter for Real Peoples Media on January 11th of 2017.


Gary Wassaykeesic at Black Lives Matter protest in Toronto

Reposted from the blog of Michael Toledano with permission. March 30, 2016. Every day Gary Wassaykeesic climbs onto this statue at Toronto Police headquarters, unfurls the Two Row Wampum, Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and Unity flags, and...


Gary Wassaykeesic On The INAC Occupation

TORONTO – Gary Wassaykeesic recently sat down with Real Peoples Media to tell the story of how INAC Toronto was occupied and what led to the #OccupyINAC movement. Wassaykeesic explains the linkages of the...


Toronto is an Iroquois Word

By Suzanne Methot of Dragonfly Consulting Services Canada TORONTO – At many gatherings in Toronto, people acknowledge that they are on “Mississauga territory.” That didn’t happen 20 years ago, and that makes it a good...