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Gary Wassaykeesic at Black Lives Matter protest in Toronto

Gary Wassaykeesic. Photo by Michael Toledano | Reposted from the blog of Michael Toledano with permission. March 30, 2016. Every day Gary Wassaykeesic climbs onto this statue at Toronto Police headquarters, unfurls the Two Row Wampum, Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and Unity flags, and announces aloud “this is Iroquois land.” For the past…
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Standing Rock Rising: Inside the movement to stop DAPL

Photograph by Alessandra Sanguinetti. by Rebecca Bengal Vogue Magazine, Nov 22, 2016 Photographed by Alessandra Sanguinetti Snow still covered the plains when the first tepees and tents were staked in the ground near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation by a confluence of the Missouri and Cannonball rivers. It was April…
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Health and Healing

Indigenous Tattooing

start with a bunch of links. if there's a cool website already writing on this, find their RSS feed and then we can include that below. This page is basically going to become a wikipedia page with tons of links and information about Indigenous tattooing. With some advertising built in…
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