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A Mohawk in Peru #3: Thoughts on leaving Peru

Today, with sadness, I leave Peru to head back to other parts of the world. I had planned on staying longer to report on the mass protests, but must leave unexpectedly to assist with...


A Mohawk in Peru: RPM Correspondent reports on Indigenous uprising

What’s happening in Peru should concern the rest of the world, especially Canadians who have considerable skin in this game. On December 7th, 2022, Pedro Castillo, the first rural Andean Indigenous President in Peru’s history, was removed from office after a conflict with the elite, wealthy corporate interests dominating Peru’s Congress. 


The Most Important Day in the Last 10,000 Years

The Zapatistas have organized a National Indigenous Congress. That congress is now proposing an Indigenous women for president in the Mexican election of 2018, as part of an ongoing “campaign for life and the...


Removing the Burrs: A Traditional Mohawk Welcoming Ceremony

Using part of the Condolence complex of ceremonies, Ateronhiata:kon (Francis Boots) welcomes Roxana Miranda Rupailaf, a Mapuche poet from Chile. Then he offers healing to Myriam Gonzalez, a Chilean Canadian from Montreal. The ceremony...

The Eagle and Condor Peoples unite in fight against Chevron 0

The Eagle and Condor Peoples unite in fight against Chevron

By Fernando Arce WASHINGTON, D.C. – Onkwehón:we from the North, Central and South American parts of the continent converged in Washington D.C. on Apr. 21, 2015 to demand justice for the indigenous victims of Chevron’s...


Kanasaraken on the Onkwehon:we relationship with Ecuador

Mohawk Kanasaraken (Loran Thompson) speaks about his visit to Ecuador to see the devastation in the Amazonian rainforest, and speaks about the importance of developing indigenous to indigenous relationships with the original peoples of...


WGO 11 – Kanenhariyo’s Speech To The Venezuelan Ambassador

This is the full audio of the April 8th 2015 speech given by Kanenhariyo in response to the speech made by Venezuelan Ambassador Wilmer Barrientos at the Mohawk longhouse on 5th line at Six...

WGO 10 – The speech of the Venezuelan Ambassador to the Mohawk Longhouse 0

WGO 10 – The speech of the Venezuelan Ambassador to the Mohawk Longhouse

On April 8th 2015, the Venezuelan Ambassador to Canada, Wilmer Barrientos, came to the Mohawk Longhouse on 5th Line for dinner and a social dance. The ambassador made a profound and historic speech which...


WGO 7 – The day after the Ecuador rally in Washington, DC

After a 14 hour bus ride back from a historic rally in Washington where over 100 Onkwehon:we people came out to stand with their Ecuadorian brothers and sisters, Kanenhariyo and Tom eat lunch with...


Tahayote speaks at Washington gathering against Chevron

Tahayote makes a speech at the international gathering of resistance against Chevron’s actions in Ecuador.