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Dispensing Freedom – Gary Wassakeesic in the former Cannabis Culture Toronto dispensary and lounge

Toronto – Gary Wassaykeesic sits in the lobby of The Village Dispensary, formerly Cannabis Culture. The shop, a cannabis dispensary was forced to change its name after Toronto police arrested Marc and Jodie Emery on drug trafficking charges. In this video, Gary speaks about his view that Native people in…
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Gary Wasaykeesic speaks about furniture drive to Northern Indigenous communities

Gary Wassaykeesic of Real People's Media speaks about the upcoming furniture drive that he is organizing. The truck is leaving from Toronto, and driving north to Thunder Bay, Savant Lake, and Mishkeegogamang. If you are able to help out, call Gary at 647-573-5290.  
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Gary Wassaykeesic at Black Lives Matter protest in Toronto

Gary Wassaykeesic. Photo by Michael Toledano | Reposted from the blog of Michael Toledano with permission. March 30, 2016. Every day Gary Wassaykeesic climbs onto this statue at Toronto Police headquarters, unfurls the Two Row Wampum, Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and Unity flags, and announces aloud “this is Iroquois land.” For the past…
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