Elder Vern Harper speaks about his experiences of Alcatraz

TORONTO – On March 21st, 2017 Gary Wassaykeesic continued his ongoing show, “Telling our Stories”. In this episode Gary speaks with Elder Vern Harper in Toronto. They discuss the history and significance of the American Indian Movement’s take over of Alcatraz island.


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  1. Ken Schaefer says:

    Excellent program. Lot of history i did not know! Love the comment that Elder Vern Harper is a “born again pagan” I have been studying about the injustices done to Indians and First nation people with their adoption by white people as a form of genocide to kill the cultures of First nations people. American Indian, native Alaskans and Native Hawaiians. First I have heard of the term de-feather” but it is so poignant and accurate. I am looking forward to th eother parts of this series with Elder Vern Harper, a true hero filled with love.

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