Ojibway Nation of Saugeen #258 members launch legal fundraiser to sue Band Council

On and off reserve members of the Ojibway Nation of Saugeen #258 have come together to launch a legal fundraiser to raise funds in order to sue their Band Council for breach of fiduciary duties. Under the direction of the clan mothers, on and off reserve members are filing a lawsuit against the band government for breach of fiduciary duties. The group is seeking to raise $20,000  for legal services to file an action for breach of fiduciary duty. The Ojibway Nation of Saugeen Indian Tribe no.258 was one of the last reserves created in Canada, in 1979. The chief has been in power since then, and unfortunately, things have not gone well for the people during that time.

For 38 years the federal and band government have denied basic material support for housing, medical care, education and funds owed to on and off-reserve band members. Although the funds coming in from INAC were owed to all band members, and external revenues amount to millions of dollars, the people have been denied access to basic resources and services.

The result is life-threatening conditions of homelessness and poverty for off-reserve members. For the past decade, members have been demanding what they are rightfully owed. Both the federal and band government refused to respond. Below please find the YouTube video explaining the legal fundraiser.


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