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Leaked documents reveal counterterrorism tactics used at Standing Rock to “Defeat pipeline insurgencies”

A shadowy international mercenary and security firm known as TigerSwan targeted the movement opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline with military-style counterterrorism measures, collaborating closely with police in at least five states, according to...


Tehahenteh on Mid-Winter Ceremonies and Their Connection to Standing Rock (in Kanien’keha)

Video by Paulette Moore Tehahenteh is a Six Nations of the Grand River territory language teacher and protector of land, water and culture. He explores how Haudenosaunee/Rotinonshon:ni Mid-Winter ceremonies are connected to water protection...


Trouble #1: Killing the Black Snake: Behind the scenes of the #NODAPL struggle

Trouble #1: Killing the Black Snake from sub.Media on Vimeo. The first episode of Trouble, looks beyond the mainstream narratives surrounding the Standing Rock encampment to get a better understanding of some of the...


Archambault: “This pipeline is not going to kill our nation”

In an in-depth interview The Rock Report discusses developments in the movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline with Standing Rock Sioux Chairman, David Archambault. Interview published on February 3rd, 2017.  

Sakoietah speaks from Standing Stone Camp

Sakoietah provides Real People’s Media with an update from the camp of the Sacred Stones, where thousands of Indigenous people and their allies have gathered to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline which is threatening...


December 2016 Official Red Warrior Camp Communique

Red Warrior Camp has left the Lands and Waters of Oceti Sakowin. Grassroots leaders LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard, and Chase Iron Eyes from Standing Rock have also spoken and have made it abundantly clear that...


Chase Iron Eyes

Chase Iron Eyes, from Standing Rock, speaks to The Young Turks about the creation of a new sacred fire at Standing Rock and gives an explanation of the current situation in the camp and...

Standing Rock Rising: Inside the movement to stop DAPL 0

Standing Rock Rising: Inside the movement to stop DAPL

by Rebecca Bengal Vogue Magazine, Nov 22, 2016 Photographed by Alessandra Sanguinetti Snow still covered the plains when the first tepees and tents were staked in the ground near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation...


The Northwest braces for its own Standing Rock

by Nick Turner and Joe Copeland First Nations leaders have been protesting the Kinder Morgan plan since at least 2014. Credit: Mark Klotz/Flickr As the clash between police and protesters over the construction of a...

Leonard Peltier statement on Standing Rock 0

Leonard Peltier statement on Standing Rock

Greeting Sisters and Brothers: I have been asked to write a solidarity statement to everyone about the Camp of the Sacred Stones on Standing Rock. Thank you for this great honor. I must admit...