Inside the May 8th 2019 Wahta Mohawk occupation: Interview with Dave Stock

WAHTA MOHAWK TERRITORY – On the morning of Wednesday, May 8th, 2019, Mohawks in Wahta Territory in the Muskoka region of Ontario occupied the Cultural Centre in opposition to what they consider the corruption of the Elected Band Council. Shortly after their action, heavily armed OPP tactical units surrounded the building, and have blocked the entry of supporters.

The following is an interview with Dave Stock, a Mohawk from Wahta who is inside the occupied cultural centre. This interview was recorded on the evening of May 8th.

Several hours after this interview was conducted, the occupiers left the building. According to a post made on social media, “we made the decision to leave the Cultural Centre out of fear as we and many others are aware that these officers are trained to shoot and ask questions later. They believed us to be a threat and this scenario was a high possibility. So, we snuck out the back of the building and began a lengthy trek into the woods, away from the centre- towards a house on reserve. We have remained at the house since.”

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