4 Women Arrested at TMX Drill Site in Kamloops

Press Release from We, the Secwepemc: Virtual Unity Camp to stop Transmountain Pipeline

Call 250-828-3000 to demand the release of our family Secwepemc Hereditary Chief’s Daughter and sacred fire spokesperson Miranda Dick and three supporters were arrested this morning at the TMX Drill site in Kamloops BC.

The women said they were there to defend clean water, wild salmon, and the rights and title of Indigenous people. “This land is unceded, unsurrendered Secwepemc Territory and the colonial band councils have no right to give our territories away.”

Miranda kneeled to the ground and cut her hair as her sister sang in ceremony. Tears streamed from the faces of onlookers as a dozen police surrounded her ready to apprehend her with violent force. “We are here stopping the Trans Mountain Pipeline from drilling underneath the Thompson River,” she went on to say, “We are here in ceremony, we’ve done everything in ceremony, but we are still having to be here to defend ourselves.

This is for the future of our children. Transmountain pipeline has no consent from the Secwepemc Nation and the RCMP have no jurisdiction here.” The Secwepemc people have held numerous gatherings and ceremonies on their unceded territory along the proposed TMX pipeline route including canoe journeys, a vision quest, salmon feasts, and protection ceremonies. A pipe ceremony is also planned.

The Secwepemc people have not given consent to the TMX pipeline and the so-called Canadian government. “You are witnessing genocide,” Secwepemc woman April Thomas yelled as Dick was arrested. The land defenders live streamed the event on Facebook and Instagram calling their supporters to defend the land and swore they were going no where.

Two days earlier five people were arrested at the TMX drilling termanal site. A Secwepmec Hereditary Chief, Two Secwepemc woman, a Nlaka’pamux woman, and a former TMX environmental Engineer were among those arrested.

When asked why she crossed the Injunction line Romilly Cavanaugh, former TMX engineer said, “my biggest concern is for a spill. Pipelines spill all the time. They say they will be able to clean it but at best they can only get 10%n – bitumen sinks.

The Secwepemc people have asked me to be here so I have come. And I will stay until they ask me to leave.” More actions to stop the TMX pipeline are expected across Turtle Island.

For more information Contact: Anushka Azadi 403-999-9220 or email secwepemcfire@gmail.com

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