Brian Marquis on the Indigenous Medical Cannabis Association

Brian Marquis is a Mohawk from Tyendinaga. He has been growing cannabis for over 40 years, and in this interview he speaks about his involvement in the industry and his thoughts on the formation of the Indigenous Medical Cannabis Association.

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  1. Daniel Chourney says:

    Good Morning All

    I wish to Thank those far and close who have made this blog and it’s associations available to us to speak not only our minds but also the words that spring from our hearts. Also thank-you to Tim Barnhart and his staff and friends around him. I have been to Tim’s Legacy420 and I am sure what Tim and Human Beings like himself are about is Sacred duty. Thank-you again! What these humble, kind and amazing people are doing is giving real life to a change now occurring in the human world. Their example is helping courage grow stronger in the hearts of the rest of us. Thank-you …. all of you!
    The big picture is even more interesting. Our governments tell us we must pay for our carbon use, but they give us no projects(yet)to give us hope. Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN Elder’s Council) They have a lifesaving responsibility to manage, their young people are and have lost hope! Tim has some business experience and it took (heart) courage to do that. We don’t have time to waste but take some time to look at what( creating. Busness structures(Manufacturing, Education, Research etc: eg steel & special metal production can be reestablished, and grow with a myriad of other small to large businesses and intitutions. Our Communities and Villages and Towns and Cities across Canada can become places of TRUE inspiration for all good Peoples.(hint)These oil pipelines can carry safe hydrogen across the entire country, breaks in these lines will not do harm (to water) like oil does! But we must also let our goverments know that we are watching them. Our Elites want us to quit using Carbon, but no mention of ( suchlike ideas. I will end for now, may we all find good ways forward. Encourage each other.

    Best Regards .. Dan

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