Ateronhiata:kon (Francis Boots) and Kanasaraken (Loran Thompson) speaking in Hamilton and Toronto

The May 21 and May 22 long weekend was marked by two successful events organized by Real People’s Media in Hamilton and Toronto. Kanien’kehá:ka elders Ateronhiata:kon (Francis Boots) and Kanasaraken (Loran Thompson) gave talks on the topic of “The British Crown, Canada 150, and the Onkwehon:we. The video of the Hamilton event and the audio from the Toronto event are now available for viewing. Real People’s Media is looking for volunteers to help transcribe the audio from the event. If you can help with this project, we encourage you to join in the fun and start transcribing now. The transcript for the Hamilton event is available here, and the Toronto event transcript is here.


Livestream Video from Karonhyawake Jeff Doreen


Ateronhiata:kon (Francis Boots) and Kanasaraken (Loran Thompson) speaking at the Toronto Event




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