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Achieving total Rotinonhsón:ni liberation

By Kahehtí:io Iontatiats Rotiskaré:wake My initial intention to embark on my journey to retrace my identity as Rotinonhsón:ni  has always remained the same, to seek comprehension of our inherent birthright beneath the tree of the great peace. This is an act of self-preservation both mentally and physically. I reason that…
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Genocide, Racism and Canada Day: An Algonquin-Anishinaabekwe love letter

You are on Indian land. By Lynn Gehl Gii-Zhigaate-Mnidoo-Kwe Living in Canada as I do, I encounter proud Canadians all the time, more so around the time of Canada Day celebrations.  The commonly held view put forward by these proud Canadians is that Canada is the country where they were…
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Operation MYGALE and the criminalization of the Indigenous tobacco industry

When trade is treated as a crime against the state: A backgrounder on the largest raids on the Indigenous tobacco industry in history. (First published by Ricochet Media.) By Tom Keefer The largest police crackdown on the Indigenous tobacco industry in Canadian and history occurred last month. Operation Mygale, referred to in…
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The Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving and Marriage Ceremony

CATTARAGUS – Paul Delaronde (Tekarontake) and James Gray (Sakoietah) join Matt Hill, Louis Snyder and John Kane for the type of conversation that is the reason for "Let's Talk " Listen in to hear a detailed conversation about the Haudenosaunee marriage ceremony and the four elements of our thanksgiving ceremonies.…
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Straightening the tree of peace

LAFAYETTE – A gathering to discuss the duties, rights and responsibilities of the title holders and the people in relation to the Gayanenhsa'gonah was held on March 19th, 2016. Speakers including Kanasaraken, Ateronhiatakon and Tekarontake were invited to speak to the people about how the Gayanenhsa'gonah could be restored. The presentations…
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