Coverage of the developing Indigenous medical cannabis industry in Tyendinaga

Over the past year Real People’s Media has covered the growth of an Indigenous medical cannabis industry in Tyendinaga that of this writing now consists of three dispensaries openly operating within the territory. The first and most established of these businesses is Legacy 420, owned and operated by a Tyendinaga man, Tim Barnhart.

The legacy of Tim Barnhart

In June of 2016 we covered the police raids in Toronto of various dispensaries located there, and covered the Native reaction to these raids.

Pot Activists denounce police crackdown

Our second business profile covered a new medical marijuana dispensary called Buddie’s Apothecary, located just off of Highway 49 and on the other side of the reserve from Barnhart’s store. Buddie’s Apothecary specializes in a range of traditional Indian medicines including medical cannabis.

Healing Herbs at Buddie’s Apothecary in Tyendinaga

As 2016 wore on, Legacy 420 kept growing, and by the end of the year had a new building they were almost ready to move into. RPM was there to cover the story and keep our readership up to date.

The Legacy Grows: Medical Cannabis in Tyendinaga

January 2017 has been a busy month, as Tim Barnhart announced plans to create an “Indigenous Medical Cannabis Association” aimed at creating a forum where producers and retailers of medical cannabis could discuss possibilities for regulating the industry.

‘A bundle of arrows doesn’t break’: The formation of the Indigenous Medical Cannabis Association

Kanasaraken from Akwesasne put his two cents into the discussion around the creation of the IMCA with the following audio interview recorded in January of 2017.

Kanasaraken (Loran Thompson) on medical cannabis and the Onkwehon:we

Brian Marquis, one of the founders of the IMCA also had this to say about his reasons for supporting the association.

Brian Marquis on the Indigenous Medical Cannabis Association

We publish the report back from the IMCA meeting.

Indigenous Medical Cannabis Association holds inaugural meeting

Gary Wassaykeesic visits Legacy 420 in Tyendinaga


Elected Band Council discusses cannabis in Tyendinaga

We have carried a number of other interviews with various people involved in the industry in Tyendinaga, and more will be posted here in our ongoing coverage of this issue.

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