“Last man Standing:” Meet Wack, the longest term resident of Kanonhstaton, now at #landbacklane

SIX NATIONS: Wack is one of the veterans of the #landback action that began at Kanonhstaton (the so-called Douglass Creek Estates) in 2006.

He lived at Kanonhstaton to help protect the land for over 10 years. He’s been at Landback lane since the day it began where he has lived in a tent with his dogs for over 90 days. Wack describes the current situation on the front lines as being relatively calm and quiet compared to how things were during the 2006 reclamation.

When asked if he had a message for those about what’s happening, Wack said: “stay safe, that’s about it. Try it out one time, stay a couple of days.” As Wack was talking, two supporters came walking in to the 6×6 safety zone to join #landback efforts. Speaking about what motivated him to make such a long term and significant stand for the land, Wack, a grandfather of four said, “it’s the kid’s future, their kids, and everybody’s else’s kids. Their future. My [life] is almost done. I don’t want them to end up doing this and to be flipping out like everybody else… help the people out. I gotta do something good for my life.”

Wack is planning to continue living on the land over the winter and would welcome any assistance that anyone could provide in helping to build a warm and comfortable home on Landback lane.

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