Letters To Canadian Colonial Leaders – Part 1

By the Credible Mohawk

Over the past three months with Imperial interests focused on Mackenzie Meadows aka #1492LandBackLane and attempting to claim Proclamation lands as their own, many remarks have been made by current colonial leaders such as Premier Doug Ford and Mayor Ken Hewitt (just to name a couple) that are hypocritical and reinforce the nature of systemic racism upholding the current systems.

Ignorance is widespread and it is the fault of the Canadian Federal Government and their ongoing cultural genocide through mis-education and land grabbing. They do know how connected the Onkwehon:we are to the land, and therefore they use that to try and destroy, divide, and conquer us. They create narratives that paint loving peaceful families as terrorists, which in turn gives the green light to all the racist uneducated bigots to come out of the woodwork and spew hate.

Indigenous people are being silenced, banned from platforms for defending themselves from racists and furthermore reporting racism and finding that it comes back as not going against community standards. This is now the community standard, oppression and a fascist dictatorship for the Onkwehon:we – the original inhabitants of this land – under the fancifully painted lie of democracy Canada holds for settlers on Unceded lands.

From Wet’suwet’en to Haudenosaunee to Miꞌkmaw Territories the same situation rings loud and clear. The rule of law only matters if you are a white settler, and only then will it matter most unless you have money and happen to be a man. If Mayor Ken Hewitt’s own words “you can’t just step on land and claim it as your own” are in fact true, then he knows his purchase of a home at Mackenzie Meadows for his child was not only a conflict of interest, it was blatant disregard for so-called rule of law by use of his position in power.

Through an Instagram and Facebook post people were encouraged to express their feelings of hurt and betrayal, disgust, and resentment to these individuals, their office and all it stands for. Many powerful letters have come through so far but one stood out immediately, the voice of the youth. Powerful, and reads as follows.

Who stands on guard for my distant relatives my Niiksokowaiks?

To Whomever it may concern,

My name is G.B., simply a 16- going on 17- year old attending Catholic Central High in Lethbridge Alberta at which I’m a senior. Currently I am taking my Social and English 30, and it perplexes that I haven’t heard about the what’s happening to – what your tongues and peoples call the Mohawk – and the other situations going on in Eastern Canada that are affecting my fellow Niitsitapii, which in my language means the Real People, and yes, they ARE the Real People.

Within my Social 30 class it is essential that my teacher speaks about on going issues within the world, and Canada of course, and I am ASTONISHED that I haven’t heard about my fellow Niitsitapii (and if you can’t pronounce it “Knee-tsi-dup-ee”) and the Hardships they are currently going through because of SOME PEOPLES PUBESCENT JEALOUSY.

I am reading a book called Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, and within it – which hurts my heart to say – a Lakota warrior, after decades of trying to live his life, told his people that No Matter how many Treaties they’d sign, the White People would only ever respect one; and that was The Taking Of Our Land.

How can it be that our very own countries national anthem says that “WE Stand On Guard For Thee,” yet who stands on guard for my distant relatives? My Niiksokowaiks? Nobody; whilst Justing Trudeau and his Pathetic Words serve just as a painted line on a football field does, nothing to protect us when others are throwing us down, or more-so, Tackling Us. I was a cadet for the RCAC, which is factual, and I am literally disappointed in myself for wanting to represent my country; however I will not, I’ll represent my people and all other Native Americans, as there is no pride to be found in a feeble, corrupt system that hides behind its impetuous and deceptive words.

I will not go on, as I care not enough about your antics and stupidity to continue writing, but only for the Justice that must be brought forth, like the Sun begging to let his light shine through a storm cloud, it will be brought, through greater means if it must. Why do we have a day, moreover a Commission dedicated to Truth and Reconciliation when we’re never going to get there if YOU don’t do anything about it. You’ve taken our land, almost completely abolished our Cultures, Beaten us Down, forced us to sign Treaties that HANDED our land and everything of ours away to you People; yet you still want to take more. I find that Thomas Hobbes’ word works perfectly in this situation, that Humans are Innately greedy; yet we Native Americans have evolved beyond Greed, we took what we needed, we gave thanks to the Earth as she is Living and our Mother, and we traded with each other, rather than taking with thanks. How much of our resources do you People need to take away from us?

Will you not be happy until we’re completely White Washed, and nothing but a helpless, naked child? In my Social Essay concerning Assimilation and Integration, I said with my own very words, that Integration is like a Tidal Wave sweeping upon the shore to welcome the sand into it bosom; sure some sand will succumb to its strength and be swept up off of its feet, but there will forever be those that will not be oppressed by your deceptive ways, and we will stand up for our own needs if we may. Just as I’ve referred to us as Helpless Naked Children, a child will not succumb to fancy words and nicety, it’ll only calm when it’s parents comfort it, or until it’s happy and content with its belongings and needs.

I wish I could continue writing for my Stolen Sisters, and Oppressed Natives, but I have an education I need complete, as I wish to be a Biological Engineer, a Physicist, or even an Author, and my homework calls me. If you so wish that we stop these “Terroristic Attacks” or whatever you may call them, then respect the word of your ancestors, and the Treaties and Rights they gave us, and simply stop disrespecting our Rights, or more-so, your ancestors decisions.

Thank you, with all my heart,



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