Making a Kanyen’kéha pronominal prefix chart for consonant stem roots/morphemes

By Tehawennahkwa

Here’s the second language video on my new youtube channel “Kanyen’kéha Tewathró:ri“. 

In it I explain how to make a Kanyen’kéha pronominal prefix chart for consonant stem roots/morphemes. Pronominal prefixes are the foundation of the Kanyen’kéha language. Every word in the language contains one pronominal prefix, with the exception of particles.

There is a relationship embedded in every word which indicates who is doing the action and whom is having the action done to them, or who is in a natural state or whose state has been modified resulting in their current state; depending on the verb to which the prefix is affixed and depending on aspect.

The RED set is known as the Subjective Pronominal Prefix set. The BLUE set is known as the Objective Pronominal Prefix set. The PURPLE set is known as the Transitive Pronominal Prefix set.

****On transitive verbs**** Red = someone to it Blue = it to someone Purple = someone to someone Examples: RED: Kenorónhkwa = I love it BLUE: Wakenorónhkwa = It loves me PURPLE: Ronwanorónhkwa = she loves him ****On intransitive stative verbs**** Red = someone is in a natural state (tall, proud, standing) Blue = someone is in a state that was caused (angry, happy, tired) Examples: RED Khnén:yehs = I am tall Kená:ye = I am proud Í:kete = I am standing BLUE Wakena’khwén:’on = I am angry Wakatshennón:ni = I am happy Tewakhwihshenhé:yon = I am tired ****On transitive active verbs**** (with direct/indirect objects) RED Kenóhares = I wash it (habitual) BLUE Waké:ka’s = I like/enjoy the taste of it (habitual) PURPLE Kheya’títa’s = I give her car rides (habitual) ****On intransitive active verbs**** (with no direct/indirect object) RED Wà:kewe = I arrived (active past) BLUE Tewaki’tsyónkha = I sneeze (habitual) ****On verbs of motion**** RED Kehtà:ne = I am going to go there (present motion) BLUE Wakenonhátye = I am going along on my way (progressive stative) PURPLE Khehonkarawì:re = I am going to invite her (present motion) Please like, subscribe & share!

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