Onkwehon:we Health and the Keto Lifestyle: an interview with Tehoia Tathe

Tehoia Tathe is an Oneida man living in Akwesasne. He is a power-lifter and recently has been experimenting with the Ketogenic lifestyle as a means of regaining his health and wellbeing. Tehoia Tathe speaks about how the Keto diet is relevant to Onkwehon:we people seeking to escape the shackles of the colonial food system, and what his own personal journey has been like. This interview was conducted on May 7th, 2017 by Tom Keefer.

For more information and resources, check out www.Ketogains.com
www.doseofflo.com. You can follow Tehoia Tathe on Instagram @Ketogenic_Oneida. He is willing to help anyone willing to help themselves, willing to answer any questions. Enjoy!




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