Orange: A poem by Dr. Sally Brant


By Dr. Sally Brant, Music by Cael Brant

Remember me
The fallen we 
Stolen from our land 

Forced, rallied 
Bound, stripped 
Numbered, tallied 
Body shamed 

Don’t be you 
They said and said Your hair 
Your skin
Your tongue 

All of you, become us 
Become us instead 
Wash in white 
Lose your fight 
Use our words 
Faith our faith 
Cross in sight 
Shaping fate 
Teaching hate 

You don’t deserve 
To keep your nerve 
To be here 
To be you 

Evil, cloaked, poisoned shrew 

We’re still here 
We did not break
We will not fade
Nor hesitate

We walk with shadows 
Shadows braved 
Yellow for the light we lost 
Red for blood stained hands 
Made orange against a racist plot 
Heavy our demands 

Hold my side 
And steady here 
The unforgiven truth 
No trial held accountable 
Ravage killed our youth 

Open book 
For this test 
The battle marches on
Unite, speak 
Fight the fight 
We are strong 

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