The Indian Act is the doctrine of discovery made into law

By Craig Blacksmith

I had a recent interview with a newspaper reporter about the portrayal of “Indians” in this country.

Unfortunately the topic of the Indian Act is being covered up. Why? Why won’t anyone discuss the Indian Act?

When wasicus find out what the Indian Act is, they retreat into fear. “Oh my god you mean if we abolish the Indian Act, the Indians are going to control the land?” Does that mean I lose my house and have to go back to Europe? Do I lose my pension?

It’s all about the money. It’s chicken little and the sky is falling. There is so much blatant racism yet no wasicu will ever admit it publicly. They say all the nice things privately but to come out and say it in front of other wasicus will never happen.

The Indian Act is based on the doctrine of discovery. What is the doctrine of discovery? The doctrine of discovery is the Roman Catholic church’s belief that the native people are not “human”. This doctrine was adopted by the early explorers to justify their raping of the land and our women and murdering our men and children. This is real and documented history.

Steven Newcomb Presentation – International Seminar on the Doctrine of Discovery.

The Indian Act is the doctrine of discovery made into law.

Wasicu’s will never voluntarily abolish it because they are scared of their own shadows. Indians won’t even think of abolishing it because of their surrender treaties. This is the difference between our Dakota Oyate and government Indians. Our people were never dependent on the government.

After another amendment in 1951, Indian agents enforced the Indian Act by choking off our economy. Imagine your business and community being taken over by a dictator who demolishes everything you’ve worked for and leaving you with nothing but government rations. These are real and they are the truth.

In 2015 the federal government released the Residential School Truth and Reconciliation report. To make this as plain and simple as possible, how do we have reconciliation when the truth of the Indian Act is being hidden?

The Indian Act is a trust. A trust is set up for three things, children in care, animals or mental incompetence.“Indians” age like all human beings so we aren’t children, we have drivers licenses, businesses, credit cards and registered vehicles so we aren’t mentally incompetent. What that leaves is animals.

The 1876 version of the Indian Act.

The Indian Act defined an Indian as an individual with Indian blood. Problem is there is no such thing as Indian blood. The act also defined a Person as being anyone other than an Indian.

Yes this is archaic, but the Indian Act remains the law. Now again, standard human nature will dictate that this is too complicated or political or judicial and can’t be dealt with. It isn’t. Indians are seen as helpless beings in need of supervision. Nice news stories are written with a “oh look at the Indians, they’ve accomplished something.”

If we don’t face reality in this country, the racism will never end and our grandchildren will be left with insurmountable debt and nothing to look forward to but the two things guaranteed in the colonial life, death and taxes.

We’ll be just like the wasicus. So what should the news story tell? The Truth. How can there be reconciliation if the truth isn’t acknowledged?

Craig Blacksmith is a member of the Dakota Nation.

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