The Peace

The peace

A poem by Dr. Sally Brant

Did they hear us calling

Did they find another way

Did they fight the flightless monster

In the black and white and grey

Could they see our bruises

Or the tears streaked on our face

Were our cries heard outspoken

From the bones left in our place

My arms no longer hug you

My eyes no longer see

My memory is burdened there 

for you because of me

The time below left ticking

Until we felt the sun

Now the work of ages

Is here to be undone

Help me find the peace

That we were searching for

In times when we were beaten

Left broken on the floor

Help me find my voice

Through yours it can be found

Let it shine upon you

To seek not sorrows sound

Make the waves abundant

Strong and loud and true

That is where the peace will come

For me and for you 

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