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‘It’s … insulting,’ Mi’kmaq warrior chief says of Canada’s 150th celebration

By Oscar Baker III | CBC News | January 25, 2017 As Canada celebrates its 150th year of Confederation, Mi’kmaq Warrior Chief John Levi says First Nations people are still struggling with poverty and he’s made a...


Canada’s prisons are the ‘new residential schools’

A months-long investigation reveals that at every step, Canada’s justice system is set against Indigenous people By Nancy Macdonald | Macleans | February 18, 2016 Canada’s crime rate just hit a 45-year low. It’s been dropping...


150th anniversary lays bare anger of indigenous Canadians not invited to first party

By JIM COYLE | Toronto Star | Sat., April 1, 2017 When there’s trouble in a family, it’s usually on the ritual occasions — weddings, birthdays, funerals — that the rift is most visible, the screaming...


Dr. Bruce Clark on unconstitutionality of Canada’s treatment of Native Canadians

The Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA) interviewed Dr. Bruce Clark, the lawyer and jurisprudential scholar who describes what ails the Canadian justice system when it comes to dealing with Aboriginal sovereignty issues. Bruce Clark...

Let’s Talk Native – March 6, 2017 0

Let’s Talk Native – March 6, 2017

In a direct response to comments from Friday’s show, we address the actual damage done to Native lands and people. Oil spills, the Gold King mine disaster, Agent Orange in San Carlos, tar sands...


Apocalypse and Accountibilty: d’bi.young anitafrika on her new Afro-futurist dub-opera

By Tom Keefer d’bi.young anitafrika talks with Real People’s Media about Bleeders, her new Afro-futurist dub-opera which is currently playing in the Toronto Summer Works festival. d’bi talks about her creative process, the play’s...


Esu Crossing the Middle Passage: An Interview with d’bi young anitafrika

Playwright and poet d’bi young anitafrika speaks to Real Peoples Media about her upcoming play “Esu Crossing the Middle Passage.” The show is playing in Toronto from April 4th to April 17th 2016 in...


Don’t Blame The Nation State

In this excerpt from Episode 36 of the What’s Going On Podcast Kanenhariyo talks his frustration with how people blame “the system” for its wrongdoings without understanding the complicity of everyday people active in...


WGO 17 – A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing

Kanenhariyo speaks about broken treaties, forced assimilation and genocide. We also discuss whether or not Onkwehon:we and non-Onkwehon:we can “polish the chain” without the Queen as head of state and whose land Toronto really...


Ka’nikonriyo Podcast 5 – Solutions To The Indigenous Suicide Epidemic

Roger Montour comes by the office to talk with Kelly and Tom about solutions to the suicide epidemic that is affecting so many indigenous children today.