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Got Something to Say? with host Rhonda Martin

Each episode of this show is published simultaneously on Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud.   By Rhonda Martin I’m very excited to let you know that I’ve recently begun working as the host of the...


Let’s Talk Native with John Kane – The Gambling Compact between Seneca Nation and NYS

Money for nothing to NYS from the Senecas comes to an end. Under the terms of the recently renewed Gaming Compact between the Seneca Nation and the State of New York, revenue sharing termed...

Let’s Talk Native with John Kane – Talking History 0

Let’s Talk Native with John Kane – Talking History

Matt Hill and John Kane stroll through some recent history and some old history.

Let’s Talk Native – March 6, 2017 0

Let’s Talk Native – March 6, 2017

In a direct response to comments from Friday’s show, we address the actual damage done to Native lands and people. Oil spills, the Gold King mine disaster, Agent Orange in San Carlos, tar sands...


Let’s Talk Native – The Domination Code

CATTARAGUS –  Let’s Talk Native with John Kane is back for another show, and this is a good one. If you want to listen with only the audio, check out and subscribe to LTN’s...


John Kane on PBS’s Insight program

While Native American tribes of New York continue the struggle to educate people about their culture, the state is helping to move cultural relations forward. Insight discusses tribal economics and politics.John Kane’s interview starts...


LTN – John Kane, Matt Hill, Paul Delaronde – Dec 27th 2015

This is John Kane’s last episode with Intercom communications. Future episodes will be coming to you from the new Lets Talk Native studio in Cattaraugus. Issues covered include the largest mass trial and execution...


LTN Livestream – The Seneca Gaming Compact and Trump’s game of Russian Roulette

Let’s Talk Native Facebook Livestream for December 18th, 2016 Join Matt, Lou and John as we talk some history, today and tomorrow. The Seneca gaming compact enters a new period; one with no payments...


The Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving and Marriage Ceremony

CATTARAGUS – Paul Delaronde (Tekarontake) and James Gray (Sakoietah) join Matt Hill, Louis Snyder and John Kane for the type of conversation that is the reason for “Let’s Talk Native…” Listen in to hear...


LTN: Drugs, Addiction and Community

CATTARAGUS SENECA TERRITORY – This week’s episode begins a big conversation about drugs, addiction and community. Matt Hill and Louis Snyder host the show with John Kane and are joined by Mike Snyder, Paula...