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Stacey Boots talks about his family’s land

Stacey Boots, a Mohawk man from Akwesasne, speaks about his family’s land upon which an unwanted pipeline and border crossing post sit.

Chris Knight: Matrilineal clan families and the evolution of human culture 0

Chris Knight: Matrilineal clan families and the evolution of human culture

Christopher Knight is an academic and Marxist who gained his PhD in 1987 at the University of London for a thesis on Claude Lévi-Strauss’s four-volume Mythologiques. He became a lecturer in anthropology at the...


Gustafsen Lake’s Exiled – by Fernando Acre

The Gustafsen Lake is one of the most significant conflicts between Indigenous people and the Canadian state in recent memory. Over 400 RCMP officers used helicopters, armoured personnel carriers and fired over 70,000 rounds...

WGO 33 – Christi Belcourt And Isaac Murdoch On Resiliance 0

WGO 33 – Christi Belcourt And Isaac Murdoch On Resiliance

So the other day, Isaac and Christi were driving through Six Nations looking for a working wifi connection to do a multiperson online video conference. By pure happenstance, they ended up at Kanenhariyo’s and...


WGO 27 – The prophecy of the serpents

Sitting around the embers of a dying camp fire, Kanenhariyo tells the story of the prophecy of the serpents. This prophecy is common to the Hopi, the Haudenosaunee, and a number of other indigenous...


WGO 23 – Francis Boots on Gawio and Kayenere:kowa

Francis Boots speaks about the political structures of contemporary Onkwehon:we life.  


WGO 22 – Francis Boots On Onkwehonwe Justice Systems

Francis Boots gives his take on traditional Onkwehonwe justice systems and means of conflict resolution.


Isaac From The Great Lakes on truth and reconciliation

Preparing for an APTN interview and thinking about purple Ju-Jubes, Isaac Murdoch takes a moment to share his thoughts on reconciliation.  


December 2016 Official Red Warrior Camp Communique

Red Warrior Camp has left the Lands and Waters of Oceti Sakowin. Grassroots leaders LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard, and Chase Iron Eyes from Standing Rock have also spoken and have made it abundantly clear that...


Mohawks Become First Tribe to Take Down a Federal Dam

By MARY ESCH, ASSOCIATED PRESS HOGANSBURG, N.Y. Dec 11, 2016 A century after the first commercial dam was built on the St. Regis River, blocking the spawning runs of salmon and sturgeon, the stream...