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“They call us Mohawks” – the story of Ganienkeh

GANIENKEH – This video takes you behind the scenes in the Mohawk community of Ganienkeh. Ganienkeh was established as an "Independent Indian Republic" in the 1970s and operates according to cooperative economic principles and according to the Kayenere:kowa. The people of Ganienkeh are unapologetic about following their own ways, and…
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The Mohawk Ten Commandments

GANIENKEH – 40 years ago on this day, Karoniaktajeh (aka Louis Hall) authored what he termed "The Mohawk Ten Commandments" in the Warrior Society's newsletter. Karoniaktajeh was an artist and teacher who designed the Unity flag, and he was also deeply involved with supporting the establishment of Ganienkeh, an "Independent North American…
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Ganienkeh and the escape from Band Council control

AKWESASNE – Kanasaraken (aka Loran Thompson) speaks about the problems affecting his community in Akwesasne, and the problems that traditional Onkwehon:we people are facing at the hands of the colonial Band/Tribal Councils. In discussing possible ways forward, Kanasaraken stresses the need to participate "where my culture and my law is in effect…
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