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Who Berta Caceres is and was

by Grahame Russell HONDURAS – Berta Caceres, a great Lenca woman from Honduras, was assassinated on March 2, 2016.  She was targeted and killed because of who she is, because of what she lived...


Justice for Berta Cáceres

by Erica Commanda March 25, 2016, Muskrat Magazine “They follow me. They threaten to kill me – to kidnap me. They threaten my family. That is what we face,” said Berta Cáceres (Lenca) when...


Demonstrators condemn Canada’s support for Honduras

Originally published in Rabble Blogs, March 15 2016. By Fernando Arce TORONTO – Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the constituent office of the Ministry of International Trade in Toronto on March 11 to condemn...