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Laith Marouf and the Right to Offend Colonizers and Collaborators: A Panel Discussion

TYENDINAGA MOHAWK TERRITORY – On Friday, September 16th, Real People’s Media held a panel discussion with award-winning journalist, broadcasting policy expert, and Palestinian activist Laith Marouf. The panel consisted of Jooneed Khan, a legendary...


Michael Keefer – Revolutionary Compassion Against Colonialism

Tom and his father Michael Keefer sit down to talk about the colonial situation in Palestine and Turtle Island and the letter that Michael is writing to Stephane Dion. Michael Keefer is Professor Emeritus...

When is an Immigrant not a Settler? 0

When is an Immigrant not a Settler?

WGO 35 – LAITH MAROUF ON SYRIA, PALESTINE AND INDIGENOUS STRUGGLES TYENDINAGA – A new episode of the What’s Going On? Podcast is now out. In this episode, Tom and Kanenhariyo are joined by Laith...