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Private profit, Crown corporations, and the public debt

By Craig Blacksmith The following is an analysis of the very strange arrangements the Manitoba Hydro Crown Corporation has in Canada, and of the indebtedness of Crown Corporations in general. First, let's examine the legal nitty-gritty. My commentary is in blue type.  Manitoba Hydro was passed as a legislative act. Its…
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Michael Keefer – Revolutionary Compassion Against Colonialism

Tom and his father Michael Keefer sit down to talk about the colonial situation in Palestine and Turtle Island and the letter that Michael is writing to Stephane Dion. Michael Keefer is Professor Emeritus at the University of Guelph and has produced a number of texts bearing on Canada's role…
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A Canada Day meditation: Standing on guard for what, precisely?

By Michael Keefer | First published in The Canadian Charger (7 August 2009),   There was an Old Person of Tring Who when she was called on to sing Replied, “Ain’t it odd, I can never tell ‘God Save the Weasel’ from ‘Pop Goes the King’.” “Tring” sounds like a name…
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Canadian Left

RSS feeds Index to good pages and issues relating to the Canadian Left. Essentially, the pages become like a wikipedia entry to the good stuff, with all the links going back to our site itself published on our site and available at various levels of site membership.
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