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Two Row Times and “Credible” Mohawk slander and libel Skyler Williams

The Two Row Times, a pro-Indian Act newspaper colludes with the “Credible” Mohawk to smear #1492LandBackLane’s most high profile warrior. The unfounded and slanderous claims made against Willams are part of a longstanding pattern to target and discredit those Onkwehon:we who uphold their traditional systems and fight to preserve their lands.


OPP commissioner leaks video in effort to garner public sympathy

Some serious ethical and political considerations are raised by OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique’s decision to selectively release police evidence through the OPP’s media platform.


Our Man in London: The Scandal of the Donald Trump ‘Golden Showers’ Dossier

By Michael Keefer During the past weeks and months, the US media have been agog over one revelation after another of supposed Kremlin skullduggery in tipping the US presidency—the rightful inheritance, needless to say,...


Gary Wassaykeesic – Telling our stories

TORONTO – Gary Wassaykeesic is a survivor of the Canadian residential school system and a long time activist working for justice for Indigenous people. In this interview he talks about his initiative to document the...


Ka’nikonriyo Podcast 4 – Kelly and Tom discuss the Kayenerekowa and Indigenous media today

Sitting the back office, Kelly and Tom discuss the clan system, the Kayenere:kowa and indigenous media today.  


Ka’nikonriyo Podcast 6 – Drama At The Two Row Times

In June of 2015, Rhonda Martin is joined by two owners of the Two Row Times, Kelly MacNaughton and Tom Keefer, and writer Heather Gingrich, to talk about recent going ons at the paper,...


Israel and democracy: Reflections on the timing of Ontario’s Bill 202

By Michael Keefer The latest attempt of the Zionist lobby in Canada to shut down attempts to organize peaceful pressure against the state of Israel’s systematic violations of international law came at what must...


The Two Row Times and the HDI

How Elected Band Council and the Two Row Times are working together to dismantle the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) [Authors note: While I have been well aware of debates and materials going around social...

LTN: Jimmy Wolf, Matt Hill, and Louis Snyder 0

LTN: Jimmy Wolf, Matt Hill, and Louis Snyder

CATTARAGUS SENECA TERRITORY – This week’s episode of Let’s Talk Native with John Kane sees the incomparable Jimmy Wolf join Matt Hill, Louis Snyder and John Kane. The featured musical guest is blues Musician Jimmy...