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Two Row Times and “Credible” Mohawk slander and libel Skyler Williams

The Two Row Times, a pro-Indian Act newspaper colludes with the “Credible” Mohawk to smear #1492LandBackLane’s most high profile warrior. The unfounded and slanderous claims made against Willams are part of a longstanding pattern to target and discredit those Onkwehon:we who uphold their traditional systems and fight to preserve their lands.


Noam Chomsky: Indigenous people “are the ones taking the lead in trying to protect all of us”

By Michael Keefer First published at the Two Row Times (5 November 2013): 8. Also published as “Noam Chomsky: Harper energy policies are destroying the environment ‘as fast as possible’.” The Canadian Charger (5...


Canada’s problems with the Law

By Michael Keefer | 20 November 2013. Rob Ford, now universally referred to as “the crack-smoking mayor of Toronto,” continues to astonish us—not just because he can’t open his mouth in public without bullying, lying,...


Back to Our Path is not a Trip Backward

by John Kane January 14, 2014 Many of us are familiar with our expression Ohnkwe Ohnwe. It is what we use to describe ourselves as the original people of Turtle Island. The approximate translation...


John Kane to Address “Inherent Sovereignty” at Arizona State University

January 14, 2014 WASHINGTON – John Kane, Mohawk activist and national commentator on Native issues, will be a featured speaker at “Who Decides You’re Real? Fixing the Federal Recognition Process,” a two-day conference at...


Rule of Law or Rule of Lawyers?

by John Kane September 18, 2013 We often hear from the righteous voices of the U.S. and Canada when looking at countries and peoples they view as inferior, that the “ rule of law...


Audio and Photos from the Venezuelan Ambassador’s Visit

The Historic Visit of the Venezuelan Ambassador to the Mohawk Longhouse By Tom Keefer OHSWEKEN – One of the most significant diplomatic events of 2015 in Iroquoian country was the meeting of the Venezuelan...


“Indian Fighting” with Terrorism Laws

Time for the U.S. to Admit What It’s Doing—“Indian Fighting” with Terrorism Laws By John Kane, Sept 4, 2013 The Contraband Cigarette Trafficking Act (CCTA) and its enhanced amendments through the reauthorization of the...


Good “Indians”

Let’s be honest. Most people have no idea who Philip Sheridan is – or care. The infamous quote, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian” is attributed to him. Whether Sheridan really said...


The Sting and the Overreach

by John Kane August 21, 2013 Last week, a 43-count federal indictment was filed in the Western District of Missouri. It named 18 defendants and while only a handful of were Native, this indictment and the...