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Still from YouTube: It takes a village 0

VIDEO: It takes a village to stop a genocide – Mohawks set up giant tent

The people are building infrastructure and capacity for those willing to stand up against RCMP and OPP bullying on unceded indigenous lands.


“Idle No More” by Kevin Shaganash

Kevin Shaganash is from Constance Lake First Nation. This is his song “Idle No More”.


Idle No More – feat. Wasun, Sciance, James Blood, prod. by Octave

This track was developed in the wake of the Idle No More movement and is a collaboration between Wasun and Indigenous MCs Sciance (from Rama) and James Blood (from Six Nations), prod. by Octave.


New Woman’s Dance

The New Woman’s Dance as performed at the Tyendinaga social in December of 2015. Image by Brandon Lazore is dedicated to all Iroquois women.


Amai Kuda “We can do it!” ‘We Can Do It’ is a call to action! It is a call to revolution! Created by Amai Kuda to promote the Decolonize NOW! movement and the Divest to Decolonize campaign, the song...


The Apology

This song was made in memory of and dedicated to the 50 000 + First Nations children who were murdered/went missing in Canada’s residential school holocaust. The song is also dedicated to any person...