Amai Kuda “We can do it!”
‘We Can Do It’ is a call to action! It is a call to revolution! Created by Amai Kuda to promote the Decolonize NOW! movement and the Divest to Decolonize campaign, the song featuring guest artists Y, Kinnie Starr and M1 of Dead Prez. With this song, Decolonize NOW!

By Sarah Murphy

Amai Kuda has teamed up with Josephine Y, Kinnie Starr and Dead Prez‘s M1 for a politically charged new track called “We Can Do It! (Dirty Money).” The group of artists first got together at the Paris Climate Summit last year, and since collaborated to create a song that stands in solidarity with Decolonize NOW! — a coalition dedicated to supporting the causes of Black and Indigenous communities and “the protection of the earth and her peoples.”

The coalition includes groups like Black Lives Matter, No More Silence, Mining Injustice Solidarity Network, OPIRG York, OPIRG UofT, Rising Tide Toronto, Flood the System, the ALBA Network and Diaspora Travels. The new song is specifically being issued in support of DNOW!’s Divest to Decolonize: Invest in Justice campaign, which “targets banks for their central role in the world’s worst colonial injustices,” citing mining and fossil fuel industries, arms trade, big pharma, destructive agribusiness, the production of nuclear weapons, and exploitative labour practices as the worst offenders.

Kuda calls the new song a call to action and a call to revolution, insisting: “We CAN do it on our own! We will create viable, sustainable alternatives to capitalist economies. We must Decolonize Now or watch the earth and our peoples be destroyed!”

You can see and hear that message come to life by watching the powerful new video for “We Can Do It! (Dirty Money).”

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