Category: Onkwehonwe History


WGO 3 – The Onkwehon:we relationship to tobacco with Tekarontake

Kanenhariyo, Tom Keefer and special guest Tekarontake of Kahnawake gather together in the basement to discuss the history of the Onkwehon:we relationship to tobacco. Tekarontake talks about ancient trading practices, the significance of tobacco to...


Returning to World Indigenous Governance

By Kanenhariyo I have a dream that our people will spread out from the reservations we call territories, and establish new communities steeped in our languages, laws, traditions and clans. I have had this...


The Longhouse People at Mid-Century

The Longhouse People, a short film by Allan Wargon provides a view of Onkwehon:we people at Six Nations in the middle of the 20th Century.