Constitutional expert calls on the Ontario government to launch an inquiry into the Ontario Securities Commission

Chief Del Riley

TORONTO, Aug. 3, 2021 /CNW/ – First Nations leader and constitutional expert Del Riley today called on the Ontario government to launch an inquiry into the Ontario Securities Commission’s handling of its investigation into Bridging Finance Inc. and its former CEO, David Sharpe.

“The manner in which the OSC and receiver PricewaterhouseCoopers have conducted themselves throughout this case suggests that fairness, due process and Sharpe’s constitutional rights have taken a back seat to the OSC’s wish for publicity around this case and PwC’s wish to collect fees for as long as possible,” said Riley, who served as President of the National Indian Brotherhood (today known as the Assembly of First Nations) and entrenched sections 25 and 35 of Canada’s Constitution Act, which address how rights protected under the Charter will intersect with existing rights held by Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

“It’s a simple fact that institutional bias and systemic racism persist in Canada. Ontario’s government should investigate to ensure that these toxic forces are not interfering in this case, especially given David Sharpe’s status as an Indigenous person and his and Bridging Finance’s numerous contributions to Indigenous economic sovereignty in Canada,” Riley said.

“From the secretive, Friday night hearing in which the OSC obtained the initial court order to put Bridging in receivership, to the fear and uncertainty the receiver has spread among Bridging’s unitholders, Indigenous people across the country are watching the case with great interest and anxiety. Many agree that more needs to be done to ensure that this case is treated with full fairness as it winds through the process.”

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SOURCE: Chief Del Riley

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