How to make an active verb chart in Kanyen’kéha

By Tehawennahkwa

Here’s the first language video on my new youtube channel “Kanyen’kéha Tewathró:ri“. In this video I teach how to make a basic active verb chart using the verb “to stay at home” / “to remain in one’s dwelling”, since it’s relevant during this pandemic season.

As this was my first video I was a little nervous, after re-watching it, I realize I could have just made 4 columns instead of 6 and having to merge all those cells one by one. I had originally intended putting an English translation underneath each aspect conjugation; habitual, perfective, active past, etc. but then decided against it halfway through the video because it would have taken up too much space.

Other teachers turn their document to a landscape orientation so they can fit longer and more words into their charts, that is also an option for those looking to make their own verb charts. ALSO, in the video I make mention of some basic grammar/morphology rules for assembling morphemes but I forgot to mention that when the active past marker (wa’) gets attached to a prefix beginning with a ‘y’, (ye, yakeni etc) that the “y” gets deleted.

There’s more rules with attaching pronominals to i-stem verbs I wanted to cover but I’ll do more videos in the future that will include the how to’s of prefix+verb assembly for various stems. Also, I plan on doing a “How to make your own pronominal prefix chart” video…. if you would like to see that one next, let me know, I’m on the fence with that or making a sound chart / how to read Kanyen’kéha video first. I wanna get these beginner videos out of the way before I get into some heavy grammar.

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