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RCMP raid Bear Buds in Eskasoni to enforce provincial laws on Indigenous lands

Bear Buds in Eskasoni First Nation, Mi’kmaw territory was raided by the RCMP detachment in Eskasoni on Thursday, Jan 18, 2023 at around noon. Several armed RCMP officers came in two vehicles to the...


Darlene Necan Walks for awareness of Nuclear Waste storage in Treaty 3

Darlene Necan and her supporters are walking Treaty 3 territory to bring awareness to the issue of Nuclear Waste Storage in Northeastern Ontario.


#Rise Part 1: How it Began

This is Part 1 of a video series created by Real People’s Media that examines the rise of solidarity movement with the Wet’suwet’en in February of 2020. Episode 1 consists of an interview with “Mr. 315” discussing how and why he became involved in the Wet’suwet’en struggle. Thank you to our sponsor for this episode,


How to make an active verb chart in Kanyen’kéha

Here’s the first language video on my new youtube channel “Kanyen’kéha Tewathró:ri”. In this video I teach how to make a basic active verb chart using the verb “to stay at home” / “to remain in one’s dwelling”, since it’s relevant during this pandemic season.


Indigenous resistance movements in distress

We do need to protect our communities, but there is a difference between being cautious and being careful. Being cautious is reactionary, and based on the emotion of fear which makes us unable to think clearly and makes us easy to be controlled. Being careful is an action where we use our intelligence intelligently.


VIDEO: Covid Pandemic worsens border crossing situation for Akwesasne Mohawks

Having an international bridge run through Kawehnoke (a.k.a Cornwall Island), subjects Akwesasronon living on Kawehnoke to restrictions, interrogation, abuse and racism anytime they leave the island. When it comes to identification, both the US and Canadian Customs accept the INAC cards as a form of ID, from Onkwehonwe travelling through their borders; but the Haudenosaunee passport a.k.a the “Red Card” is still a hit or miss when travelling through CBSA.


Kanenhariyo interviews Dr. Chris Keefer on Covid 19 in Indigenous communities

Kanenhariyo interviews emergency doctor Chris Keefer on Covid 19 in Indigenous communities. Topics discussed include the severity of the pandemic, strategies for minimizing risk in Indigenous communities, and a discussion of how elders and...


The Basics on COINTELPRO and How to Counter it

The goal of COINTELPRO is not necessarily the arrest or assassination of any one person, but dismantling a movement through death by a thousand cuts. Government agencies will use any means of pressure they can apply to dismantle a movement or organization. These tactics can include infiltration, psychological warfare, character assassination and even actual assassinations.


DOCUMENT: History of land theft in Tyendinaga

Deborah Jean Doxtator’s 1982 Master’s Thesis entitled “Tyendinaga Land Surrenders: 1820-1840” is a nearly complete account of how Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory went from 92,700 acres to ~17,000 acres. PDF embedded below.


Tkaronto Solidarity Visit to Wyman Road Village

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory — A busload and a few cars of over 50 activists from Tkaronto (Toronto) visited the Wyman Road village today. The group brought a load of firewood of several other supplies,...