Mohawk Ritual and Education

By Ronald L. Grimes

Ateronhiata:kon (Francis Boots), a traditional Mohawk spiritual leader from Akwesasne, discusses ritual, especially the Condolence Ceremony. He is then joined by Philip Otiohkwa Deering, a Mohawk educator and cultural interpreter from Khanawake, to talk about education and ritual. Subtopics are listed below.

Introductions, 00:14
The Feast of the Dead, 21:42
Rites of Passage, 27:47
The Condolence Ceremony, 30:27
The creation story, 50:32
Funerals, 58:21
The Condolence for Myriam’s family, 1:37:24 (see “A Daughter’s Song” at
Ritual and education: 1:41:10
Wampum and rituals of diplomacy 2:03:11

To listen to a discussion that followed this interview go to “The Emergence of the Chief” at

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