Submedia – No Justice on Stolen Land

SubMedia is back with new episode of what’s probably the hardest hitting political news series out there: “It’s the end of the world and I feel fine.” This episode, entitled “No Justice on Stolen Land” recaps the efforts of direct action anarchists ringing in the new year on a global level, the ongoing military crisis affecting the Kurds, and a lengthy section on contemporary indigenous issues. The indigenous hip hop group Savage Fam is the musical entertainment for the episode, which closes out with a lengthy interview with Ant-Loc of the the group.

2015 wrapped up with a bang, with dozens of militant actions carried out by anarchists under the banner of “Black December.” In Turkey, aspiring Fuhrer, Tayipp Erdogan, is attempting to wipe out the Kurds, but is faced with fierce resistance from the PKK and its allies. On the music break, a Savage Fam drops an anti-colonial hip-hop classic with “War Mask”. We follow up with news from Canada, as the country elects a new prime minister who’s cozying up to indigenous peeps, followed up by an exclusive interview with Ant-Loc of Savage Fam.

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