VIDEO: Strange man intimidates mother of two, makes death threats to a youth, and invades respected elder’s home in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory

A strange man threatened a woman and a youth at a family business on Bayshore Rd. in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory last Saturday night before invading a respected elder’s home.

Creepy and threatening man causing a scene at Tyendinaga Dispensary. (Warning: this video contains disturbing and racist content.)

TYENDINAGA – At approximately 7:30pm on Saturday, January 10th, an unidentified man wearing a beaded yellow, blue, and red headband, entered a family business on Bayshore Road at Hwy 49, and unleashed a stream of abuse and insult at the woman working behind the counter. 

The man, who said he was a hitchhiker, asked if there was anything to smoke. He then told the woman at the counter that “You’re being raped and abused. I can tell that.” The man asked, “who set up the store” and wanted to know who was trafficking women in the area.

The woman said that the man then told her, “I don’t have a problem killing girls. I just killed one last week. I sold her dead body for a gun to Larry in the Deseronto motel.” According to the employee, “I was terrified when he started talking about killing girls.”

The man then started ripping down the Covid-19 signs in the store, and was yelling “this is fucking bullshit” and acting extremely upset. He asked for a garbage can to put the posters in.

He called the employee a “stupid bitch” and became aggressive when she asked him to leave. When asked if he would, he slammed down a bottle of mustard on the counter and demanded to be addressed as Buck Strickland, a character on the animated show, King of the Hill. He then  went behind the counter, and sat in the worker’s chair where he repeatedly spun around.

The store’s owner, the husband of the employee was next door and became concerned about her and went over to check on her. Seeing her crying, and the man sitting in her chair behind the counter, he immediately intervened and escorted the man from the building. 

Outside of the shop, the man still refused to leave the property, and made racist comments. A 15 year old started filming him, and asked him to leave the property. The man then told the youth on tape: “You want to die? You can die tonight. It’s a god-damn death threat.” The 15 year old then asked him if was on drugs or alcohol and he replied, saying, “no, are you?”

The man then started a racist diatribe, dropping the n-word. He addressed the youth video taping him as Elliot Rodger, the man behind the “incel” mass killings in Isla Vista in 2014. He then walked across Bayshore Road and entered the home of a nearby elder.

A still image of the unknown man.

Deranged man invades elder’s home

Real People’s Media spoke to the employee’s mother-in-law who arrived at the scene soon after the strange man had crossed the street and entered the elder’s home. The employee’s mother in law knows the elder and went over to check on her and see if she was alright. 

Stating that she and her family wanted “the public to know what happened and see this man’s face so they can look out for him,” the employee’s mother-in-law provided the following eye-witnesses account to RPM:

“When I got there, I noted that he was inside, so I knocked on the door. The older woman opened the door, she greeted me, and I said to her, “This man assaulted my daughter” and he looked at me and said “how dare you come over here to my grandmother’s house.”

Then I said, I’m calling the police, you’re going to be charged.”

The man then proceeded to get irate, and I asked the older woman, “do you know who this man is?” She said, “no, he told me he knows me from when he was a little boy.”

I looked at her and said, I am calling the police now, I stepped outside of the doorway, the door is still open and he’s dancing around the house saying “come into the snake’s den.”

At that point I called 911, and was on the phone with dispatch. So I closed the door, and I stayed there waiting because I was afraid to leave him there with the elderly woman. 

It did take the police 10-15 minutes to show up. Once the police came, I walked away from the door and told them what was going on, and went across the road to my son’s house.

The police did tell me they were unable to get a name from him, and that they were taking him to Napanee to try and figure things out. I asked them if there was a way to get him banned from the territory. Their response was, “well, we can ask him to not come back.”

My daughter-in-law was very distraught. They did bring the police car up to the doorway, so the man that was in the back of the car was staring out the window laughing at her, or us, I don’t know exactly who he was directing his laughter at.

The police took our information, my and daughter-in-law’s phone number, but I did not hear back from them.

That’s what I remember. My main fear was that he was in one of our elder’s homes.

Markus Bardy and Travis Brant were the Tyendinaga Police Service officers who responded to the call. According to the female store employee, although the cops asked her what the man said in the store, and got her name and phone number, “they didn’t ask if I was okay,” and displayed little sympathy or care for her obvious trauma.

The youth who filmed the man making racist comments and a death threat towards him did not want to communicate with the officers, as he had been at home when Officers Markus Bardy and Travis Brant attempted to arrest Mohawk elder Tehonikonrathe after punching him in the head during a traffic stop.  

The Mohawk man who had gone over to the elder’s house and called for the man to get out of the house, did not enter and get the man out because he was concerned that he would be charged by the police officers once they arrived. He said “I would have gone in and dragged him out of there, but I didn’t want to disrespect the elder, and I didn’t want to be charged by police. So I stood by and watched.”

When asked for comment, Police Chief Jason Brant of the Tyendinaga Police Services stated that: “A mentally ill male from Prince Edward County entered the residence on Bayshore Rd and became an unwanted person. The how’s and why’s were unable to be obtained due to his mental state. He was arrested under the Mental Health Act due to erratic behaviour. There were no injuries reported at the residence. He was admitted to BGH Psyche. The investigation is on-going and if follow up charges were to be laid I could release his particulars.”

Another eyewitness reported that when the man was apprehended, “he didn’t have anything on him but a bottle of mustard.” The mother-in-law added, “the Tyendinaga police did find the jar with mustard and recognized that it came from the County. I believe that they took it with them.”

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