Water protector Todd Williams faces court battle with Enbridge over Onkwehon:we rights

By Tom Keefer

HAMILTON – Todd Williams, a Cayuga man of the Snipe Clan, was in Superior Court on Wednesday April 26th, facing a legal action initiated by the Enbridge corporation. Williams and another Six Nations man, Wayne Hill are in court because they have exercised their Onkwehon:we rights to hunt and trap on their people’s lands. These hunting rights have interfered in Enbridge’s ability to replace segments of Line 10 in Westover. According to Enbridge’s statement of claim, they are suing the men for a total of $800,000 (half for damages due to “trespassing” and the other half for damages from “intimidation and breaching the peace.”

Williams is a traditional Onkwehon:we man, and he has involved his clan family (one of the 49 matrilineal families of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy) in making decisions about their collective rights and objections to Enbridge’s failure to consult with them and to respect their rights. 

Real People’s Media conducted the following interview with Williams at the courthouse.

Donna Powless, also belonging to the Cayuga Snipe Clan was also at the courthouse with approximately 20 other supporters of Williams.  

The next court date set for resolving this matter is July 19th, 2017 at 10am.

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