WGO 1 – Kanenhariyo introduces the problem and asks for some help

The origins of Real People’s Media stem from the What’s Going On? Podcast that was begun in January of 2015 to document and build support for Kanenhariyo, a Mohawk man living in Six Nations who was facing jail time and a massive fine for transporting tobacco between Tyendinaga and Six Nations.

The podcast began with the support of Two Row Times founders and owners Jonathan Garlow and Tom Keefer, and the first two episodes were video recorded. Here’s the first episode as it appeared on Youtube in January of 2015.

Episode 1 of the What’s Going On? Podcast.

Kanenhariyo (aka Seth Lefort) is a Kanyenkehaka (Mohawk) man of the Tehana’karieneh family who is currently facing a $629,000 fine and six months in jail for transporting tobacco between Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.

Audio only version of the podcast

Kanyenkehaka (Mohawk) people have used tobacco as both medicine and a trade good for millenia and have every right to transport it across their own territories without interference.

Kanenhariyo has launched a podcast called “What’s going on?” to tell his story and to explore the issue of the Canadian criminalization of Onkwehon:we tobacco production.

Listen to or watch the podcast in order to learn more about Kanenhariyo’s legal situation, the movement to call upon Canada to respect and honor the Two Row Wampum and the Silver Covenant Chain, and to find out what’s going on with Onkwehon:we people today. You can support the efforts of the podcast by making a contribution at www.patreon.com/WhatsGoingOn. The website for the WGO podcast can be found at www.wgopodcast.com.

In this episode of the podcast, Kanenhariyo introduces the problem he is facing and asks Two Row Times founders Jonathan Garlow and Tom Keefer for some assistance.

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