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Indigenize or die

Restoring indigenous knowledge of the land By Fernando Arce TORONTO – What do we really know about Indigenous Peoples outside of movies and history books? Why do we call them “native” in the first...


Audio and Photos from the Venezuelan Ambassador’s Visit

The Historic Visit of the Venezuelan Ambassador to the Mohawk Longhouse By Tom Keefer OHSWEKEN – One of the most significant diplomatic events of 2015 in Iroquoian country was the meeting of the Venezuelan...

Indigenous Tattooing

start with a bunch of links. if there’s a cool website already writing on this, find their RSS feed and then we can include that below. This page is basically going to become a...


WGO 5 – A conversation with students at WLU

Kanenhariyo, Jonathan and Tom were invited to speak at panel discussion held by the Ontario Public Interest Research Group at Wilfred Laurier University. They discuss the questions of allyship and what solidarity means. Note,...


WGO 4 – The student visit

In February, a group of students from the Canadian Roots exchange visited Kanenhariyo’s house and heard presentations from Kanenhariyo, Jonathan Garlow, and Tom Keefer on questions of allyship and solidarity. Audio was recorded on...


WGO 3 – The Onkwehon:we relationship to tobacco with Tekarontake

Kanenhariyo, Tom Keefer and special guest Tekarontake of Kahnawake gather together in the basement to discuss the history of the Onkwehon:we relationship to tobacco. Tekarontake talks about ancient trading practices, the significance of tobacco to...


WGO 2 – The trials and tribulations of the Canadian judicial system

Over at the Red Door studios, Kanenhariyo explains his predicament and a discussion ensues on questions of sovereignty and relationships between the Onkwehon:we and Canadian people.


WGO 1.5 – Kanenhariyo’s first day in court

Kanenhariyo has just returned from his first day in court, and he’s feeling kind of bummed out about the experience. He and Tom catch up on what’s going on.


WGO 1 – Kanenhariyo introduces the problem and asks for some help

The origins of Real People’s Media stem from the What’s Going On? Podcast that was begun in January of 2015 to document and build support for Kanenhariyo, a Mohawk man living in Six Nations who was facing jail time and a massive fine for transporting tobacco between Tyendinaga and Six Nations.


Returning to World Indigenous Governance

By Kanenhariyo I have a dream that our people will spread out from the reservations we call territories, and establish new communities steeped in our languages, laws, traditions and clans. I have had this...